Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the 'i's have a button...

Hello all! We three ladiiies have been quite busy lately. But we did just want to write up a quick post to let you know that a fellow friend of 'Three Crafty Biiitches' has used her HTML geniiius to create us a lovely button. So, if you want to share your love of us and our liiitle blog...clickity click on over to our sidebar and snatch up our new button made by the lovely Chriiistina.

So, please share your love of 'Three Crafty Biiitches'! Also, make sure to take a look around at some of our 'Quick Liiinks' on the sidebar and enjoy!

We hope to hear from some of you soon!
The Three 'i's


Lauren said...

I love you biiitches...

And I love your button :)

Ivy said...

I want to ditto Lauren's sentiments!

I love you biiitches!

and I am stealing your button for my blog!