Monday, November 2, 2009

Scrappy Blocks...

Scrappy Blocks are the best of two worlds and then combined…scrapbooking and anything decoupaged. With paper, sealer, pictures and a whole lot of love and sandpaper these little creations come together. I can’t tell you about scrappy blocks without a special mention of two of my very best girls, Jen and Krista, whom without those girls the idea would never have been passed to me. Then when I gave a set to a fellow Crafty Biiitch’s niece…she convinced me there could be a business a-brewin’ with the little gems. So with many nudges by other friends and family to create and sell these as custom gifts…well you have it, that’s how Scrappy Blocks came to be!

This is one lucky family to have a 3 sets of Scrappy Blocks!
A personal favorite...'Family' done in 'Early Biiird' Paper.

Below are 2 sets, a first and middle name for an adorable little boy Jacob.

Can I just tell you...the longest name ever! 'Alexandria'...ya that's 10!

Both the sets above and below are done in 'Urban Prairiiie'. Below shown with a larger name font.

4 sets shown below, done in 'Giiirl Friday'.

Below are the paper options currently available for custom Scrappy Blocks....get them while they're hot!!

Thanks so much for looking!

If you're interested in purchasing Scrappy Blocks for yourself or as a gift, email with Scrappy Blocks ORDER in the subject line, what word/name you would like in the email along with paper choice and name/mailing address. You can choose to do no pictures, however a typical block has 2 pictures plus the other 4 sides covered in the paper of your choice. When you email an order in, a confirmation email with photo uploading instructions will be sent back to you. All you have to do is upload your pictures and we'll do the rest.
*All orders will be made custom once payment is confirmed. No returns or refunds.

Please see pricing below:

Each set $35.00 + $2.00 per block
DATE BLOCKS - $45.00 set + $2.00 per block

Shipping and handling separate
Please Include SHIPPING Address In Order Email
*Please note, each set is ONE name, and the per block fee is for the pictures.

Meet the 'i's...

Welcome to our blog...we are so glad to be kicking off our new business venture,thank YOU all for coming to take a look around.
So, we are sure you have already figured out from our name that there are three of us gals running the show over here at 'Three Crafty Biiitches'. We wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves...

This is JiLiAN...

This is CiNDY...

And this is ALEXANDRiA...

We are three ballsy, brazen, broads who have come together all for the love of crafting! We are simply three friends, who have shared lots of laughs and tears throughout the years. While two of us are technically a mother-daughter duo...all three of us consider each other as family. While we craft like crazy we are definitely not your typical crafters. We believe all crafts should be created in the company of friends, cocktails should always be included, fried pickles must be on the table, and steaming cups of gossip and gripes should never be left with their lids on...

We hope you have as much fun looking at our projects as we have creating them....

The Three 'i's