Monday, December 21, 2009

Giiift Certificates...

Sorry it has been so long since we updated...we got lost in crafts and yummy holiday food...and some booze. BUT we are back with some lovely news for you all...

Do you love 'Scrappy Blocks'? Do you think they will make the PERFECT gift (yeah they will...)? Do you not want to go through the hassle and pressure of searching through photos and picking paper for someone else? We have a solution...

Introducing 'Three Crafty Biiitches Giiift Certificates'! Yep, just place an order for your 'Scrappy Blocks' word of choice and we will send you a handmade card for you to give to your loved one. No work on your part! You found the perfect gift, you paid for it, you now pass off the decision making to them. Then they can come to our blog and customize their own order while you enjoying a nice cold glass of whatever you prefer to drink...

Also, we have a bunch of new paper options for you and your 'Scrappy Blocks'. Get 'em while they're hot!

These little lovelies were just made, and how cute are they? They were ordered as a Christmas gift to a couple who recently got married. It is the date of their wedding and all of their favorite photos from the big day. Swoon with us folks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Funky Frames

These little bits of Scrap-Happy-Fun came about because I was running out of creative juice for my everyday scrapbook. So while browsing the aisle at my home town craft store I came across a plain Jane frame. One bright idea later...I thought making a frame would be much easier, ya know since it was a smaller work surface, quicker to get one done and still feel like I was being crafty and accomplishing something. Well they've consumed me...(okay not totally I still love making Scrappy Blocks) but I love me some Funky Frames too!! Making one for fun quickly turned into four sold in a week...thanks Krista and here's their debut on 3CB

And just in time for Christmas...

Three available..get 'em while they're hot!

From the OffBeat Collection...
these two frames are available to customize as you please..
an initial, a date...!

The three Funky Frames below are examples of customized orders with the addition of an initial, and are already in a happy home.

Funky Frames aren't totally custom....although I will customize with an initial, date or month, etc. OR for example, you need a baby shower gift for a little girl..I can do it; or a wedding gift with a little flair let me know; your Mom loves the colors blue and yellow..I can whip something out for you. Just shoot over and email and we'll chat about it.

All frames are $15.00 plus shipping.

Keep checking back for more Funky Frames...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We have a winner to announce! Congratulations to...
Brittany Fish!!

Thanks to all of you lovely people who entered and stay tuned because this will not be the last of our giveaways!

Hopefully some of you like what you see and decide to order your very own set of 'Scrappy Blocks'!

Also, we have some new things we will be adding in a few days! We hope you all love 'Funky Frames' as much as we do.

A sneak peek...

Thanks again to Busy Bee Lauren for hosting our very first giveaway!
The Three 'i's

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who doesn't love a giveaway?!

We are SO excited to be kicking off this little blog with something as fabulous as a giveaway hosted by the always lovely Busy Bee Lauren!

If this is your first time here please take the time to meet us and read this!

Alright, now to the good part...the giveaway! Here is the deal we are giving away one set of 'Scrappy Blocks' (a set is ONE word or name) they can say anything from a first name, to a last name, or even just the word 'Family'! That part is all up to the winner!

So here are the rules to enter:

1. Look over our paper selections here. For the giveaway you get to pick from: Early Biiird, Sliiice of Citrus, Boyiiish Charm, Grandma's Atiiic, and Fancy Flouriiish.

2. Leave a comment over on 'Busy Bee Lauren' .

3. If you are a follower of 'Busy Bee Lauren' (and seriously if you are not following her you are crazy!) then you get a second entry, just leave another comment!

4. Finally, if you take the time to follow 'Three Crafty Biiitches' then you get a third entry, and again just leave one more comment!

There you have it! To enter make sure you leave your comments over on Lauren's blog! The winner will then be picked by a random generator! The winner will then be asked to e-mail 'Three Crafty Biiitches' with their paper choice; the word they would like on the blocks; and send us your choice of pictures for the blocks (two photos per block)!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Also, if you are offended by our blog name please take it up with us, and not with Lauren! She is just doing a lovely favor by hosting this for us! Drop us an e-mail if you so choose!

The Three 'i's